The Benefits

There are many benefits to sealing your hardscape, the most common being the unmistakable shine and luster that is present for years to follow. The stunning top coat offers an enhancement to the natural color, texture, marbling, and definition of your hardscape that can bring virtually any outdoor space from death to life. Hardscape colors tend to get shallow and lose their luster, and because stone is porous, it is easily susceptible to mold and moisture. Combated with proper sealing measures, these common flaws are easily avoidable.

Besides the more obvious benefit, sealing your hardscape also provides a protective layer that is nearly impermeable for the many years that follow, keeping your space in the same condition as the day it was installed. This step is commonly overlooked after installing new pavers or stone, but it is the step that offers the finishing touch that will outlast possible wear, tear, stains, and damage. 

Choosing Your Sealant

Sealing your fresh patio, pool deck, driveway, or whatever it may be is half of the process. Choosing the proper type of sealant is the other half that has just as great importance. Different sealants yield different results, which is why it is imperative to consider your options. As part of our consultation services, we assist with the decision making process while offering our professional opinion so that you choose the proper sealant to preserve your space offering it years of luster and protection backed by a 3 to 5 year warranty to insure optimum, long-lasting results.  


Gloss Finish
Matte Finish
Semi Finish


Wet Look Finish


Invisible Seal Finish


Additional Materials

A variety of materials are used to complete our hardscaping projects, some of which are the stepping stones for the others. Before sealing off your investment, it is important to make sure the installation was executed properly, whether it be by a team of our trained professionals or a previous hardscaper. Understanding the materials used will help reassure you of your hardscape’s longevity. Our paver restoration services are completed with one of two materials.

  Poly Seal

This is a mortar system that we use for pavers when they need new grout lines. It is a polymer, meaning that it is a one-time job that lasts you a lifetime. It seals and coats all the joints so that the entire paver system is water repellant.


M10 is a very comparable finite granite dust that is a less expensive solution in comparison. This material offers the same effects of sealing and coating only with a shorter life span.